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Welcome to a new era of corporate well-being at FoodJourney, where better health isn't just a goal; it's the catalyst for happier employees and more productive work environments. Our commitment extends beyond conventional wellness offerings—we develop innovative nutrition programs customized for teams of all sizes.

How It Works

Elevating Employee Well-being

Fuel your workforce's journey to better health with a cohesive well-being strategy crafted by our seasoned professionals. Gain access to personalized nutrition advice from our credentialed experts, ensuring that your employees receive the highest standard of care. At FoodJourney, we recognize that happy people make for productive work environments, and our tailored nutrition programs are here to make that vision a reality.

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Why Invest in Worksite Wellness?

A Proactive Approach to Employee Health

Chronic diseases are the leading driver of healthcare spending in the US, and poor nutrition and physical inactivity contribute significantly to this challenge. Our well-being programs not only target these root causes but also offer a proactive approach to employee health. By improving eating and exercise patterns, our programs result in substantial healthcare cost savings, increased employee retention, and enhanced productivity. Diet is a crucial factor in chronic conditions, and our evidence-based approach is focused on prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and more.

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The Importance of Corporate Wellness Programs

Investing in a corporate wellness program is more than a gesture—it's a strategic move towards a thriving and sustainable workplace. A well-designed wellness program not only nurtures the health of your employees but also yields tangible benefits for your organization. It's an investment in:

Healthcare Cost Reduction

By addressing the root causes of chronic diseases, corporate wellness programs lead to decreased healthcare spending, contributing to long-term cost savings.

Increased Employee Retention

Employees appreciate employers who prioritize their well-being. A robust wellness program fosters a positive work culture, enhancing employee satisfaction and retention.

Enhanced Productivity

Healthy employees are more engaged and productive. Corporate wellness programs create an environment that supports physical and mental well-being, translating into improved job performance.

Commitment to Employees

Demonstrating a commitment to employee well-being enhances your company's reputation, making it an attractive workplace for top talent.

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Scientifically Rooted, Practitioner-Led

Setting the Standard in Workplace Well-being

What sets FoodJourney apart is our unwavering commitment to nutrition science. In a landscape where the quality of preventative health programs varies, we stand out by ensuring that our programs are overseen by credentialed nutrition practitioners. From basic population health services to individualized nutrition education and medical nutrition therapy, our offerings are designed to meet the diverse needs of your workforce.

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Highly Customizable Programs

Tailored to Your Workplace

Our corporate wellness programs are highly customizable, reflecting our belief that every workplace is unique. Some of our key offerings include:

Health Program Review

We assess various components of your well-being program, ensuring the quality of nutrition education information/resources while advising on maximizing employee engagement.

Onsite Food OfferingS

Strategies to increase the nutritional quality and diversity of onsite food offerings, accommodating allergies and dietary preferences.

Content Production

We review or produce health-related content, including nutrition articles, blog posts, newsletter info, and recipes.

Nutrition Counseling

Initiating the employee nutrition counseling process, providing electronic health suite software for employee use, and scheduling predetermined counseling sessions.

Nutrition Talks

Engaging hybrid or in-person sessions that educate and inspire employees on the importance of nutrition.

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Join us on this journey to elevate your corporate well-being strategy.

Invest in the well-being of your team with FoodJourney's comprehensive corporate wellness programs. By prioritizing happy, healthy employees, you're building the foundation for a workplace that thrives.

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From Our Clients

"One of the highlights of my career was working with Jen on a program to bring access to healthy resources, including fresh greens, to the Audible workforce. Jen’s commitment to employee well-being through innovative food programs not only nourished employees, but created a culture of health and well-being for the entire community. Her proactive approach, exemplary vision, and contagious enthusiasm, served as a beacon for others, illustrating the profound impact access and education can have on the quality of life of others."

Jason Ginsberg

“Jen was able to take my vision for a company wellness initiative and build a robust program that fit our company culture and the employee needs.  Her expertise in the field blended with her openness to listen, collaborate, pivot, and structure the program for long term success was invaluable.”


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