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Embark on a journey to well-being with our Individual Nutrition Counseling services at FoodJourney. We understand that well-being is a dynamic process, and our expert team is here to guide you to healthier patterns that work for you at every stage of life.


The Connection Between Feelings and Nutrition

We believe in the interconnectedness of nutrition and well-being. What you eat influences how you feel, and conversely, your emotions, sleep, exercise, and mental well-being impact your dietary choices. Our approach to nutrition counseling goes beyond one-size-fits-all diet plans. It's a collaborative process that empowers you to develop sustainable, healthy eating patterns and habits. Whether you aim to eat healthier or manage a chronic disease, our individualized counseling offers an efficient path to lasting changes.

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Achieve Lasting Results with Expert Guidance

Partnering with a registered dietitian ensures that your journey is grounded in nutrition science. In a world filled with confusing nutrition messages and misleading fad diets, we're here to clear the confusion and guide you towards flexible and enjoyable diet changes. Achieve lasting results as we help you develop habits that improve your health based on evidence and expertise.

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Featured Services

Tailored to Your Needs

In-person 1:1 Counseling

Located in the Monterey Peninsula area, our in-person counseling services offer personalized attention for your well-being.

Educational Presentations

From team and school presentations to teaching kitchens and food demonstrations, our services extend beyond individual counseling.

Virtual Nutrition Counseling

Experience our expert guidance via telehealth from anywhere in the US, making well-being accessible and convenient.

Comprehensive Health ServiceS

Our offerings cover general health education, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Weight Management, family nutrition, and prevention of chronic diseases.

Personalized Plans for Your Journey

Let’s Start Your FoodJourney

At FoodJourney, we tailor our offerings to meet you exactly where you are. From concise 60-minute sessions to comprehensive long-term consulting plans, we pride ourselves on creating personalized strategies that yield results for our clients.

Schedule a complimentary discovery call today, and let us guide you toward the perfect fit. Embark on your distinctive path to well-being with FoodJourney's Individual Nutrition Consulting, where your health is the focal point, and enduring transformations are crafted collaboratively.

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From Our Clients

"Jen provides game-changing insight into food choices and overall wellness.  As an employee and a new mom, I had so many questions for myself and my family.  Jen dug in with me to navigate and set us up for success.  Now with baby number 2, I'm confident that I am choosing the best nourishment for myself and my little ones.  Thank you Jen, and thank you to my employer who brought Jen's expertise to us."


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